Please Support the animals of Ukraine with us. The Cake Collection is trying to do our part and we have designed a bracelet to support the Animals of Ukraine, made of stong HeishI Beads, honoring their strength. We also wanted to represent their flag colors: blue, yellow , and we added white to symbolize PEACE , and a dangle paw print love charm to show our love for the animals. The charms are available in either silver, gold, and the bracelet is adjustable. 100% of proceeds from each bracelet will go help these animals. Right now, tens of thousands of traumatized animals and their guardians are fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. PETA Germany, supported by the Global Compassion Fund is on the ground and helping animals and their families escape to saftey. Your purchase will go to the Global Compassion Fund today and will give an immediate boost to PETA Germany as they provide animals with veterinary care, food, and other necessities.  


*** So far we have sold over 113 Bracelets and Donated over  $1700!! 


Thank you so much for your support. Peace, Love and Potcake Support. 

Ukraine Paw Love Bracelet